Onlywhenimdancing is my personal memory blog about London’s women-only venues for clubbing from 1985 to 2005. Please feel free to add comments with your memories (note these will be moderated not published straight away).

I would like to build up a gallery of photos or artwork to illustrate the venues, and need help with this so if you know of people who may have relevant images please get in touch – admin@onlywhenimdancing.com.

I hope the memories here are interesting to women who went to these nights as well as those curious about that era which saw so many positive changes for lesbians.  I feel lucky to have had the chance to go to some of these nights with all those fabulous women, and this is my chance to say thank you to the promoters who took the risk of running them.

I hope you enjoy reading and if you want to contribute, email me direct or use the comments.

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Blast from the Past – Gingerbeer discussion

Today I was geekily practising my google advanced search skills* and came across this past discussion on the Gingerbeer website boards from 2007, entitled ‘Blast from the Past’: http://boards.gingerbeer.co.uk/index.php?topic=64565.0 Have a read through the four pages of comments for some great lesbian club scene nostalgia which obviously I would have joined in if only it wasn’t …

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Brochure cover of 1985 GLC Changing the World - A London Charter for Gay and Lesbian Rights

The GLC helping London’s Lesbian and Gay Community

One from the box in my loft. Changing the World – A London Charter for Gay and Lesbian Rights was a thick brochure produced by the Greater London Council in 1985.  It was presumably sent around to schools, councils and other organisations. See below the letter it came with, from Red Ken himself.  Keep reading …

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