Jul 07

Listings from the first ever Diva Magazine

Looking through old stuff this week I found a copy of the very first issue of Diva magazine from 1994. Thought I would share the cover and listings page with you.  And I hope they’ll forgive me from not asking their permission.

At the point this was published I’d been going to clubs in London for nearly ten years and the scary thing is how recent most of the news seems but that’s being 45 I guess.

I’ll go up in the loft and unearth the 80s stuff next week…watch this space.

Diva magazine - first issue cover


Here’s the listings page apologies for the quality but hopefully you’ll see a few familiar faces:

Disclaimer: please don’t try to go to any of these clubs you will just find ghosts.

listings page from April 94 issue of Diva Magazine

I’m looking at the prices for Venus Rising, and remembering how the trick was to be in the queue just before 11pm to save two quid.  And how the queue sometimes went right back the pavement three deep, down to the corner near the town hall.

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