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Blast from the Past – Gingerbeer discussion

screenshot of search results, showing Diva, Southwark Council, 100 best poems, gaydar girls

Today I was geekily practising my google advanced search skills* and came across this past discussion on the Gingerbeer website boards from 2007, entitled ‘Blast from the Past’: Have a read through the four pages of comments for some great lesbian club scene nostalgia which obviously I would have joined in if only it wasn’t …

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Listings from the first ever Diva Magazine

Listings from the first ever DIVA magazine April 1984

Looking through old stuff this week I found a copy of the very first issue of Diva magazine from 1994. Thought I would share the cover and listings page with you.  And I hope they’ll forgive me from not asking their permission. At the point this was published I’d been going to clubs in London …

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Dance while you still can

7 July 2012 and as London parties to celebrate a wet WorldPride 2012, I’m sipping tea and remembering the good old days. So if you are reading this at some point in the future, wondering whether to go out clubbing tonight or just stay at home and watch Match of the Day – take my …

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