You Were There! Comments on Venus Rising at Brixton Fridge

Missed Comments – thank you & sorry!

A big apology to the women who commented on the old blog.  When I eventually came back to the blog after a 9 year absence, I discovered some un-moderated comments which would and should have been published.

Comments on the original post ‘Listings from the First Ever DIVA Magazine


Claire submitted these two comments back in 2015/2016:

Wow…. 30 years ago last week I met a woman while on summer working holiday from France aged 22. I fell madly in love, she changed my life. I moved to London and never went back home.
The relationship ended up a real nightmare but I have been in this country ever since.
A deeper love by Clivilles and Cole is my Venus Rising anthem.

I remember cycling part of the way there from North London to avoid being charged by my mean girlfriend at the time if she gave me a lift!
It was the biggest date in the month for any girl who liked girls in those days.

Thanks Claire. A Deeper Love – one of my favourites too, and what this blog is all about:

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