Onlywhenimdancing is my personal memory blog about London’s women-only venues for clubbing from 1985 to 2005.

The blog was started in 2012 with a few posts and is being picked up again now,  nearly 10 years on, in Feb 2021. The world has changed a lot recently and it is really important for people to remember & celebrate their own good times.

When I started this blog back in 2012, writing about women-only clubs towards the end of the Twentieth Century, it felt like I was pushing against the tide. Even then, LGBTQ issues were marginalised, I couldn’t find much online reflecting my own experiences in the 1980s and 1990s in London’s lesbian scene. These days although LGBTQ voices are seen and heard more, the voices from the recent past are still pretty quiet and hard to find.

I would like to build up a gallery of photos or artwork to illustrate the memories, and need help with this so if you know of people who may have relevant images please get in touch – thewordelf@gmail.com.

I apologise to a couple of people who took the time to get in touch during the last few years with their memories about Rackets and Venus Rising in Brixton.  I have added your comments in a couple of separate blog posts so that they are now (eventually!) published.

I hope the memories here are interesting to women who went to these nights as well as those curious about that era which saw so many positive changes for lesbians.  I feel lucky to have had the chance to go to some of these nights with all those fabulous women, and this is my chance to say thank you to the promoters who took the risk of running them.

I hope you enjoy reading and if you want to contribute, please email me.